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Master Baggins
Yogi & Daniel

Yogi, owned by Daniel George from Hebburn, Tyne & Wear and nominated by Dogs for the Disabled – Dog for the disabled turned guardian angel

Unlike most boys his age, Daniel (age 12) can't just get up and go anywhere that he chooses as he has a severe condition called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which affects and limits every aspect of Daniel's life. He is only the third child in the UK to have an assistance dog trained especially for him as part of the Dogs for the Disabled children's project. Yogi a three year old, chocolate Labrador has improved Daniel's confidence and independence incredibly as Daniel doesn't have to rely on other people all the time to help him with every day tasks from helping him undress to turning off his bedroom light when he goes to bed. Yogi has become a new and positive focus for Daniel and his family. Daniel has a new friend and helper, his brother and sister have a rough and tumble play-mate and his mum has someone that makes her smile.

Crunchie's Story

"Hi Jane & Nigel

Had a good journey back and home by 3.15pm. including a short stop.

Crunchie was really excellent in the car, sleeping quite a lot and very interested in what was going on. No barking, no struggling, no problems at all - didn't even want a wee. And after all that preparation!

We are having problems settling her in though, so we thought the pics would explain far better! However, Rosie and Tessy are trying to show her the way forward.

Now on a serious note, we both agree that your housetraining notes are excellent and the bullet points are ideal.

We currently use notes provided by the Dogs Trust for our clients but would prefer to use yours in the format you use if you would agree? I assume these are your own work so I would not dream of not asking you first?

We would naturally include a credit for you and if you agree could you email the text as a Word doc file for me to adapt?

Thanks for Crunchie, she is lovely!

Regards and best wishes.
Barry & Chrissy"


"Hi Jane

Lovely to talk to you tonight. Crunchie is a real star and here is another photo of her being “relaxed”.

Could you kindly email your housetraining document in word format so that we can use it. We will of course credit this to you.

We will do a Crunchie Diary for you to keep.

Kind regards


"Hi Jane

Some of her expressions are wonderful!

Been to infants school this week at another nearby Dog Training Club as Chrissy wants to be able to work with her without worrying about our own students and their dogs.

She has also demonstrated sits, downs and returning to handlers left side whilst on-lead, at our own puppy induction classes this week.

She is so good with all dogs and people, as we hoped and picks things up so fast!

Next week when she can be pavement lead walked, she will be introduced to the open spaces of the New Forest and the Ponies. She has already had a Photo shoot with the Village photographer and last Sunday she saw the sea for the first time as we are only 5/6 miles away.

Jane, she is a credit to you both and will keep you posted in due course.

Can I please remind you to send your House Training text by email for me?

I have heard that Flake is doing well and Jet the dog from Telford is coming to our classes tomorrow evening as well!

Regards and best wishes.
Barry & Chrissy"


"Hi Jane

Thought you may like to see how progress is being made?

Besides sleeping, as you can see, Crunchie passed her Kennel Club Puppy Socialisation Assessment last Tuesday and next week she goes to big school!

She also demo's what she has been taught in our puppy classes and has taken a shine to gambling as she has very quickly learned how to knock a large foam dice off a low stand! We teach this to all the pups as a bit of fun for them and owners alike.

Hope you are all well.

Chrissy & Barry"

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